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CoherentRx anatomy apps were designed by clinicians, for clinicians. Each app contains a unique combination of anatomy visuals that are designed to enhance, facilitate and expedite patient consultations for a range of medical specialties.

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Beyond Anatomy:
The Patient Education Library

Upload pre-op instructions, diagrams, videos, links to helpful articles, and pretty much anything else you'd like to send your patients.

Share your materials securely via email or text message, directly from the point of care.

Share your knowledge.
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Coherent.Rx Pro Features

Upload and distribute pre-op instructions, educational pamphlets, surveys, and more

Photograph MRIs, X-rays, and anything else that you want to quickly show and share with your patients

Explain complex diagnoses, procedures and treatment with annotated anatomy visuals

Securely share images, instructions and much more to your patient's email address or mobile phone

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